Avantic Medical Lab offers a wide array of laboratory testing services to healthcare professionals, individuals, and government agencies. Most of the laboratory testing services we provide are utilized by physicians and healthcare professionals. These laboratory testing services may be covered by insurance. We will file claims with the patient’s insurance (see our  Accepted Insurances list ). If you are interested in having a specific laboratory test performed, please ask your healthcare provider if the laboratory test is appropriate for you, and if he/she can order the laboratory test(s) for you.

Unless otherwise noted, the answers to the questions below apply to tests ordered by healthcare professionals only.

Requesting Lab Tests

Can I request laboratory tests for myself?

Patients cannot order tests themselves due to state regulatory requirements. If you are interested in having a specific laboratory test performed, please ask your healthcare provider if the test is appropriate for you, and if he/she can order the test(s) for you.

What types of testing does Avantic Medical Lab performs?

Our clinical laboratory testing services include: blood tests, body fluid testing, tissue pathology and cytology, health screening and monitoring tests, drug screening and testing as well as gene-based testing (genetic testing).

Preparing for a lab test and/or visiting a Patient Service Center

My doctor has ordered a lab test for me, and does not collect samples in his/her office. How do I locate a Avantic Medical Lab location near me?

Avantic Medical Lab has convenient locations (Patient Service Centers) for collection of specimens. Information regarding addresses, hours of operation and directions are mentioned in the website.

Do I need to make an appointment in order to be tested at a Avantic Medical Lab ?

Appointments are not required; however, for individuals who like the ease of scheduling at a location, we offer appointment on phone. This enables you to choose a date and time that is convenient for you.

If you prefer to walk-in for service, please keep in mind that our locations are busiest in the early morning with patients who are required to fast for testing. You may wish to consider arriving after 10AM because after that time, your wait will usually be shorter.

In order to expedite your visit, please bring a completed test requisition or prescription from your healthcare provider and a copy of your medical insurance card.

Do I need to fast before being tested at a Avantic Medical Lab location?

Some blood tests do require fasting prior to having your blood drawn. Please contact your healthcare provider to determine his/her requirements for your specific testing.

Lab Test Results

How long does it take to receive laboratory test results?

Depending on the testing performed, most tests are completed and reported to your ordering healthcare provider within about 24 hours of receiving the sample for testing. Certain tests take several days to weeks to perform. Results are sent directly to the ordering healthcare professional. Please ask your healthcare provider to contact you when your test results have been received.

Can I receive a copy of my test results?
  1. There are several ways to access your lab test results:
    You can receive your test results on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Once you’ve created your account, before you can begin to see results, we must verify your identity.
    • Patient privacy is very important to us, so we verify all information submitted to ensure that only the verified patient can access their account.
    • This verification can take up to 3 business days, and we will notify you when the process is complete.
    • OR You may receive your test results directly from your physician. If you want a copy of previous test results you can ask your physician to send you a copy.

Payment and Insurance Information

I have a question about my bill/invoice. Whom should I contact?
Visit FAQs for billing  for billing-related questions and answers.
Your questions, comments, and feedback are important to us. Please see our  Contact Us  page for further information.


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